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Health Records & Health Information – The Difference

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Health Information involves the collection of health data, analyzing them and producing useful information from them. Some part of the health sector calls it bio statistics and in some way there is no difference in it. Bio statistics is also explained just like the health information which also involves calculation of health problem and drawing conclusions with the possible solution the problems. That’s very interesting.

Health records management involve patient registration, where the client’s demographic details are collected and entered in the suitable system of use. Health records involve a lot. It also has this function; Patients folders are kept by health records officers for easy retrieval. This means records assistants file retrieved folders after use.

Before a student can graduate to become the perfect health information officer he has been willing to be, he or she has be good in health records. Health records are always under the health information in all hospitals in my country.

The Work of the Health Records Officer

Registration Of Patients

It is the work of the record officer to register new clients and give them an OPD number. OPD number is a unique number given to each patient on his or first visit to the health facility. Patients are to visit the facility with the opd card or number anytime they are sick.

Retrieval of Patient Folders

Patients need their hospital folders for consulting. It the duty of the health records officer to retrieve client’s folders to ensure continuity of care.

Sorting of folders

After the folder has been used for consulting, records officers sort folders in the right order. The reason for sorting of folders is to make it easy for them file it back into the right section. This section may explain both sorting of folders and filing of folders. During filing of folders, one must be vigilant to not make mistakes. A single mistake you make in the numbers will result in misfiling. Misfiling causes unseen folders. These are the folders which are missing from the right lane.

It is known that Health Information officer technical must know the work of health records management officer because health record falls under health information.

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