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You Need To Do All This Before Applying For A Job

Looking for a Job that suits your certificate is currently the hardest task. In recent times the number of graduates in our towns and countries has gradually increased and comparing it to the number of Jobs created by the Government and private agencies, you can clearly sense a greatest number of unemployment. We have seen a lot of bounces all because applicants refused to use the right format for writing their Application letters.

We are here to guide you on how to write the accepted form of Application Letters with these seven steps.

1. Introduction

Before the Introduction comes you have to know a formal letter must include the relievers address which includes the company’s post office box and location. It’s a very important part. A Formal letter should not contain shortcut form of words that’s another important thing you should take note of.

The Introduction of your letter must make reference to the advertisement made by the company. It should also include the date of publication of the advertisement, the medium of publication; be it radio stations, television stations, newspapers, sign boards and many others. The Introduction of your letter must include the full post advertised. That’s very hard for you?. You have to do it this way only if you are serious about the job.

2. The second part should include a brief background information of you. Example Your age, the country you’re born to, current marital status, your hometown, etc.

3. Curriculum Vitae should include schools you have attended and examinations you have passed. You should provide the relevant dates. Posts and ranks held at school and workplace should be written. State your job experience, if you have any.

3. Mention your aptitude, which is relevant to the job you are applying for, for example, your fluency and control of the English or the French language etc, your ability to organize the people working under you, your competence in managing meagre resources. If you are competent in any of the sporting disciplines, state it.

5. State the names and address of two or three referees. Your referees should be people who occupy responsible positions in the society or country. Your referees should not be your blood relations but should be honest adults who have known you for a considerable length of time.

6. If you enclose photostat copies of relevant documents such as your certificates and testimonials, State it in your application letter.

7. Conclude the letter by expressing the hope that your application would be considered favourably and approved.

Kwame Anane
Kwame Anane
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