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Where to Preorder Starfield: Standard, Premium, and Constellation Editions Revealed

Where To Preorder Starfield Standard Premium And Constellation Editions Revealed
Where To Preorder Starfield: Standard, Premium, And Constellation Editions Revealed 2

Starfield Preorder Guide: Where to Get the Standard, Premium, and Constellation Editions

The highly anticipated space-themed role-playing game, Starfield, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, is set to release later this year. With its immersive gameplay and vast universe to explore, fans of the genre are eagerly awaiting its launch. If you’re one of those excited fans, you’ll be pleased to know that preorders for Starfield have begun. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on where to preorder the Standard, Premium, and Constellation editions of Starfield.

1. Standard Edition:
The Standard Edition of Starfield includes all the essentials of the game, offering an exciting space adventure that will keep players engaged for hours. It provides access to the base game and all the core features that Starfield has to offer. To preorder the Standard Edition, you can visit the following platforms:

– Official Bethesda Store: The official Bethesda Store is a reliable source for purchasing the Standard Edition. Simply navigate to their website, search for Starfield, and follow the preorder instructions.

– Online Retailers: Popular online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop also provide the option to preorder the Standard Edition of Starfield. You can visit their respective websites and search for Starfield to find the preorder options.

2. Premium Edition:
For players looking to enhance their Starfield experience, the Premium Edition offers additional content and exclusive perks. It includes everything from the Standard Edition and adds unique in-game items, digital bonuses, and possibly access to future DLCs. To access the Premium Edition, check out these options:

– Deluxe Digital Edition: The Deluxe Digital Edition is available for preorder on various gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and You can easily find it on their digital storefronts by searching for Starfield.

– Console Stores: If you prefer to play Starfield on consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, you can look for the Premium Edition on their respective online stores. Simply search for Starfield and follow the preorder instructions.

3. Constellation Edition:
The Constellation Edition of Starfield is the ultimate package for dedicated fans and collectors. It comes with all the content from the Premium Edition and adds exclusive physical items, such as a detailed art book, a SteelBook case, and possibly a figurine. While details about the Constellation Edition are limited at the moment, here are some possible places to look for it:

– Limited Edition Retailers: Keep an eye out for reputable limited edition retailers that specialize in collector’s items. They might offer exclusive bundles featuring the Constellation Edition of Starfield. Websites like Limited Run Games and FanGamer are known for providing such editions.

– Official Bethesda Store: The official Bethesda Store often offers exclusive collector’s editions for their games. It is worth checking their website regularly for updates on the availability of the Constellation Edition.

Remember that availability may vary depending on your region and the platform you prefer to play on. It’s always recommended to compare prices and preorder bonuses before making a final decision.

With the Starfield release date quickly approaching, securing your preorder for the Standard, Premium, or Constellation Editions is a great way to ensure you’re among the first to embark on this thrilling space adventure. Happy preordering and may your journey through the cosmos be filled with excitement and wonder!

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