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The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Not Release on PS5 and Will Likely Arrive in 2026 or Later

The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Not Release On Ps5 And Will Likely Arrive In 2026 Or Later
The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Not Release On Ps5 And Will Likely Arrive In 2026 Or Later 2

Title: The Elder Scrolls 6: Skipping the PS5 and Withholding until at least 2026


The long-awaited and highly anticipated sixth installment of the critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls series, aptly titled “The Elder Scrolls 6,” has been generating buzz within the gaming community for quite some time. However, recent speculation has arisen that the game will not be releasing on the upcoming PlayStation 5, and its launch might be prolonged until 2026 or even later. This news has left fans disappointed and eager for more concrete information about the game’s future.

1. Development Challenges:

It’s no secret that game development is a complex process involving ample time, resources, and a dedicated team. The developers, Bethesda Game Studios, known for their intricate and expansive open-world games, aim to craft The Elder Scrolls 6 with utmost care and detail. Given the enormous scale of the game, it is natural that development will take significant time and effort. It is essential to respect this process, as rushing the release could lead to an underwhelming experience for players.

2. The Fallout Effect:

Bethesda’s attention has been partly focused on another major franchise, Fallout, which released “Fallout 4” in 2015 and “Fallout 76” in 2018. These releases have required substantial investment of time and resources, diverting attention from The Elder Scrolls 6. The studio has also faced challenges and criticism regarding the launch of Fallout 76, which may have further delayed the development of their upcoming title.

3. COVID-19 Pandemic Impact:

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the entire gaming industry, with many studios facing delays and disruptions to their development timelines. Bethesda Game Studios is no exception, as they had to adapt to remote work and navigate various logistical obstacles. These circumstances have naturally imposed additional delays on game development. While the studio remains tight-lipped about the impact of the pandemic, it is hard to deny that it has affected The Elder Scrolls 6’s progress.

4. Bleak Prospects for the PlayStation 5:

Recent rumors have suggested that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released on the upcoming PlayStation 5, which has disappointed fans eagerly awaiting the game’s next-gen release. This could potentially indicate that the release date is even further away than anticipated. Bethesda may have strategic reasons to delay the game’s compatibility with the PS5, perhaps to focus on its release on current-generation consoles and then remastering it for next-gen platforms.

5. A Glimmer of Hope:

While the news of an extended wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 may be disheartening for fans, it is important to remember that Bethesda Game Studios has a history of delivering exceptional gaming experiences. The extra time invested in development could result in an even more immersive and captivating world. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.


Although the news of The Elder Scrolls 6 potentially skipping the PlayStation 5 and delaying the release until at least 2026 or later may not be what fans were hoping for, it is crucial to understand the complexities of game development. Bethesda Game Studios aims to create a masterpiece that can stand on its own within the franchise’s extensive legacy. While the wait may be longer than anticipated, the added time and effort could potentially result in an unforgettable gaming experience that truly lives up to the expectations surrounding this highly-anticipated title.

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