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SmartThings Find Integration Comes to Samsung’s New Amex Card, Limited to South Korea

Smartthings Find Integration Comes To Samsungs New Amex Card Limited To South Korea
Smartthings Find Integration Comes To Samsung's New Amex Card, Limited To South Korea 2

Samsung has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, and their latest collaboration with American Express (Amex) is no exception. The two giants have come together to introduce a groundbreaking new feature that integrates Samsung’s SmartThings Find with Amex cards, providing a seamless and convenient solution for their users. However, there’s a catch – this exciting partnership is currently only available in South Korea.

SmartThings Find is Samsung’s innovative platform that utilizes location tracking technology to help users locate their devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. By combining this with Amex cards, Samsung aims to provide customers with the ability to easily track and locate their payment cards as well – a feature that can save users a great deal of time and stress.

This collaboration involves embedding a small Bluetooth chip into the Amex cards. Users can then connect their Amex account to the SmartThings Find app on their Samsung smartphone, which will allow them to track the location of their card at any given time. This means that misplacing or losing your Amex card will no longer be a significant cause for concern as you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can easily find it.

The SmartThings Find app will provide users with real-time location updates, enabling them to pinpoint the exact location of their Amex card on a map. They can also make the card emit a beeping sound to help locate it in case it is nearby but hidden under a pile of papers or in another hard-to-reach spot. Through this integration, Samsung and Amex have taken a significant step towards providing a more organized and stress-free experience for their customers.

While the South Korean market has the privilege of being the first to experience this cutting-edge technology, it is highly likely that Samsung and Amex will expand this feature to other regions in the near future. With Samsung’s extensive global reach and Amex’s impressive user base, this integration has the potential to revolutionize the way customers interact with their payment cards worldwide.

In addition to the location tracking feature, Samsung and Amex also plan to offer additional functionalities in the future. These may include features like setting spending limits, receiving push notifications for transactions, and even the ability to temporarily freeze or block the card directly from the SmartThings Find app. Such enhancements will further enhance the security and flexibility of Amex cardholders.

In conclusion, Samsung’s partnership with Amex and the integration of SmartThings Find with Amex cards is a significant leap towards simplifying the lives of cardholders in South Korea. The convenience of being able to track and locate your payment card through the SmartThings Find app is truly a game-changer. As users eagerly await the expansion of this feature to other regions, it is evident that Samsung and Amex are committed to continuously innovating and improving the customer experience.

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