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Review: Monster Hunter Now – A Back to Basics MonHun Experience

Review Monster Hunter Now A Back To Basics Monhun Experience
Review: Monster Hunter Now - A Back To Basics Monhun Experience 2

Monster Hunter Now has arrived, promising to bring the iconic MonHun experience to mobile devices with simplified gameplay. Developed by Capcom, the game has been designed to appeal to both seasoned hunters and newcomers to the series by offering a stripped-down version of the original Monster Hunter gameplay.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Monster Hunter is renowned for its depth and complexity. Players are tasked with tracking and hunting down various giant monsters in a vast open world. They need to carefully plan their approach, gather resources, craft weapons and armor, and plan strategies to take down these formidable beasts. It’s a game that requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the game mechanics.

However, Monster Hunter Now aims to bring this experience to a wider audience by simplifying the gameplay and providing a more accessible entry point into the world of Monster Hunter. With its mobile platform in mind, Capcom has trimmed down some of the more intricate systems of the game and focused on the core monster hunting action.

The controls have been optimized for touch screens, making it easy for players to navigate the game world and engage in combat. The menus and user interface have been streamlined, allowing for a more intuitive experience. This stripped-down approach ensures that new players won’t be overwhelmed by the complexities of the original game.

Despite the simplified gameplay, Monster Hunter Now still manages to capture the excitement and thrill of hunting down gigantic monsters. Players can still choose from a variety of weapons and armor sets, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. They can still explore different environments, gather resources, and craft items to aid them in their hunts. The game also features online multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends and take on challenging hunts together.

While some veteran Monster Hunter players might miss the depth and complexity of the original game, Monster Hunter Now serves as a great entry point for newcomers to the series. It offers a taste of the monster hunting experience without overwhelming players with too many mechanics right from the start. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the world of Monster Hunter and see if it’s a franchise you’d like to explore further.

Overall, Monster Hunter Now delivers on its promise of bringing the MonHun experience to mobile devices with simplified gameplay. It may not offer the same level of depth as the original game, but it still manages to capture the essence of hunting down monstrous creatures. Whether you’re a die-hard Monster Hunter fan or a newcomer looking for a more accessible entry point, Monster Hunter Now is a game worth checking out.

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