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Japanese YouTuber found guilty of copyright infringement for uploading Let’s Play videos

Japanese Youtuber Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement For Uploading Lets Play Videos
Japanese Youtuber Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement For Uploading Let's Play Videos 2

Title: Japanese YouTuber Convicted of Copyright Violation Following Upload of Let’s Play Videos


The explosive growth of online streaming platforms and the rise of the “Let’s Play” genre have undeniably given birth to a new wave of content creators. While many YouTubers have found success in showcasing their gameplay experiences, the legal implications surrounding copyrighted material can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences. Recently, a Japanese YouTuber found himself convicted of copyright violation after uploading Let’s Play videos, sparking a significant debate surrounding the legalities involved.

The Rise of Let’s Play Videos

Let’s Play videos are a popular genre on YouTube, where content creators record themselves playing video games and often provide commentary or reactions during gameplay. These videos have become a valuable resource for both gamers seeking entertainment and individuals contemplating purchasing games.

The Copyright Conundrum

Copyright laws exist to protect the intellectual property of creators, be it music, films, or video games. However, when it comes to Let’s Play videos, the situation becomes more complex. Game developers often create these videos themselves to promote their games. However, in some cases, they have taken issue with the use of their copyrighted material by YouTubers, especially when it affects their potential revenue.

The Conviction Case

In a recent highly publicized case in Japan, a popular YouTuber, whose name is withheld for legal reasons, was charged with copyright violation after uploading Let’s Play videos that included copyrighted background music and game footage without authorization from the game developers. The case raised questions about the extent to which content creators can utilize copyrighted material within their videos without infringing upon the intellectual property rights of others.

The Legal Battle

The YouTuber’s legal team argued that their client’s videos fell under fair use, emphasizing that they did not merely provide the gameplay footage, but also added commentary, insights, and transformative elements to the videos. However, the court ruled against them, stating that regardless of added content, the copyrighted material was still used without permission from the owners. The conviction not only resulted in a hefty fine but also forced the YouTuber to delete the infringing videos, impacting his online presence and reputation.

Industry-Wide Implications

This conviction has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, raising concerns among content creators about the potential consequences of incorporating copyrighted material within their Let’s Play videos. Many YouTubers argue that these videos often serve as free promotional tools for game developers, helping to generate hype and increase sales. However, game developers might argue that they have the right to control how their copyrighted material is used, as they may have licensing agreements in place that allow them to generate revenue through advertisements or sponsorships.

The Need for Clarity

The case of this Japanese YouTuber highlights the need for clarity and updated legislation regarding the use of copyrighted material in Let’s Play videos. As the popularity of this genre continues to rise, it is essential for lawmakers to revisit copyright laws to strike a balance that allows content creators to provide transformative and engaging content while respecting the rights of intellectual property owners. Finding a middle ground would be crucial to ensure that both content creators and game developers can coexist harmoniously and benefit from one another.


The conviction of a Japanese YouTuber for copyright violation after uploading Let’s Play videos has ignited discussions regarding the legal implications and fair use within this genre. While copyright laws must continue to be upheld, it is crucial for both content creators and game developers to work together and find a suitable framework that allows transformative and entertaining content to thrive without infringing upon intellectual property rights. By doing so, the gaming community can continue to enjoy engaging content, while game developers can effectively promote their creations in this evolving digital landscape.

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