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Huawei P50 Pro Video Review

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The Huawei P50 Genius is a glad and commendable expansion to the long-standing P-series of gadgets. Also as such figures out how to carry on the family custom and push the envelope in portable photography. With another Leica camera available to its – a 64MP Bayer sensor with lossless 7x zoom and a 40MP monochrome snapper, the P50 Master is perhaps the best camera right now available with incredible photograph and great video quality. Its selfies are heavenly as well.

It is an expert in different offices either, with features including a beautiful, thin double glass, IP68 body, a very sound system speaker arrangement and a dazzling and brilliant OLED show, with 120Hz revive rate, HDR10+ support and a little indent.

There are a great deal of motivations to possibly get a Huawei P50 Master, yet there are additionally a significant number powerful cases not to. True to form, its weak spot is seemingly still the absence of Google Play administrations. All things considered, both EIMUI 12 and the Huawei Application Market have made some amazing progress and proposition an incredible encounter, yet you actually need to go through arbitrary tasks to get some applications working, while others are by and large inaccessible. Furthermore talking about awful circumstances, Huawei actually winds up in there is likewise the way that the Huawei P50 Expert needs 5G help. Our worldwide audit unit accompanied a Snapdragon 888 4G, which, past lacking 5G, likewise will in general run a piece hot and choke on occasion. Battery duration is likewise not a significant solid suit of the P50 Ace.

On the off chance that our survey video figured out how to provoke your curiosity, we have a broad author audit for you also.

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