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Ex-Kotaku writers announce the launch of Aftermath, a new gaming website

Ex Kotaku Writers Announce The Launch Of Aftermath A New Gaming Website
Ex-Kotaku Writers Announce The Launch Of Aftermath, A New Gaming Website 2

Former Kotaku writers Evan Narcisse and Heather Alexandra are teaming up to launch Aftermath, a new video game site aimed at providing in-depth, thoughtful coverage of the gaming industry.

The duo, who have previously written for popular gaming outlet Kotaku, have decided to venture out on their own and create a platform that focuses on not just the latest releases, but also the wider cultural impact of video games.

With the tagline “Where stories in games go deeper,” Aftermath promises to explore the social, political, and emotional aspects of gaming, offering a more comprehensive look at the medium. In a time where gaming is more than just a form of entertainment, but a reflection of our society, Aftermath aims to fill the gap for critical analysis and discussion.

Narcisse and Alexandra, both accomplished writers with years of experience in the gaming industry, have expressed their excitement at the opportunity to create a space that delves into the history and impact of video games, and provides a platform for diverse voices and perspectives.

One of the key goals of Aftermath is to highlight the work of underrepresented creators and to provide a platform for marginalized voices in the gaming community. The site aims to bring attention to indie developers and games that may not receive the same level of coverage in mainstream gaming media.

In addition to news and reviews, Aftermath will also feature essays and features that explore the cultural significance of video games, as well as interviews with developers and industry figures. The site will also feature a podcast where Narcisse and Alexandra will discuss the latest trends and issues in gaming.

With the backing of experienced and respected writers, Aftermath is already generating buzz in the gaming community. Many are looking forward to a site that provides a thoughtful and critical look at the industry, and a platform for discussions on the social and cultural impact of video games.

As gaming continues to evolve and gain a wider influence on popular culture, Aftermath’s approach to covering the medium is timely and much needed. With its commitment to diverse voices and critical analysis, the site is poised to become a must-read for anyone interested in video games and their place in the world.

The launch of Aftermath is a testament to the ongoing growth and evolution of gaming journalism, and the importance of providing a platform for deeper conversations about the medium. As video games continue to shape our culture, there’s no doubt that Aftermath’s unique approach will be a valuable addition to the gaming media landscape.

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