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Epic’s 2023 Holiday Sale: Get 17 Free Games Now!

Epics 2023 Holiday Sale Get 17 Free Games Now
Epic's 2023 Holiday Sale: Get 17 Free Games Now! 2

Epic Games is getting into the holiday spirit early this year, as the company has announced that it will be giving away 17 games as part of its 2023 holiday sale.

The promotion will run from December 7th through December 31st, and will feature a new free game each day. This means that players will have the opportunity to snag a variety of titles for absolutely free, with no purchase necessary.

The 17 games in question have not yet been announced, but given Epic’s track record for offering high-quality titles through its free game giveaways, players can likely expect a mix of indie gems and popular AAA releases.

For those unfamiliar with Epic’s free game promotions, the company has been offering free titles on a regular basis for several years now as a way to entice players to check out its digital storefront. The giveaways have included a wide variety of games, ranging from smaller indie titles to major releases such as Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

In addition to the daily free games, Epic’s holiday sale will also feature steep discounts on a wide variety of titles. This is a great opportunity for players to pick up some new games to add to their collection, or to snag some last-minute gifts for friends and family.

Overall, Epic’s 2023 holiday sale looks to be a great opportunity for gamers to score some fantastic deals. With 17 free games and plenty of discounts on offer, there’s no doubt that players will have plenty to keep them busy during the holiday season. Be sure to mark your calendars and check back daily for your chance to snag some free games and great deals.

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