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Developer of Picross tasked with bringing lost 3DS games to the Switch

Developer Of Picross Tasked With Bringing Lost 3Ds Games To The Switch
Developer Of Picross Tasked With Bringing Lost 3Ds Games To The Switch 2

Title: Picross Developer Takes on the Challenge of Porting Lost 3DS Games to the Switch


The world of gaming constantly surprises us with new technologies, evolving graphics, and immersive experiences. However, there is something special about revisiting old titles that hold sentimental value, evoking cherished memories of our gaming past. In a remarkable endeavor, renowned Picross developer, eager to pay homage to forgotten gems, has taken up the task of porting lost 3DS games to the popular Nintendo Switch console. This exciting venture brings back beloved classics to a new generation of players while preserving the essence of their original charm.

Unlocking the Hidden Vault:

The Picross developer, known for their puzzle-solving prowess and dedication to game design, proudly accepted the challenge of resurrecting some of the most treasured but forgotten 3DS titles. Armed with their expertise in game development and a fervent passion for preserving gaming history, this undertaking aims to prove that even games lost to time can still captivate and delight audiences.

Preserving Memories, Bringing Nostalgia:

As avid gamers, we often form deep connections with certain titles, and when they fade into obscurity, a piece of our gaming history goes with them. By bringing these lost 3DS games to the Switch, the renowned Picross developer offers an opportunity to reintroduce beloved experiences that have been confined to handheld devices of the past. This nostalgia-driven pursuit goes beyond simply preserving captivating stories and gameplay mechanics—it rekindles emotions associated with the games that hold a sentimental place in our hearts.

Enhanced Gameplay and Updated Features:

While respecting the essence of these games, the Picross developer aims to take advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch to enhance the gameplay and introduce modern elements where appropriate. With the Switch’s larger screen, higher resolution, and improved performance, the lost 3DS games will be given a fresh lease of life, offering players an opportunity to relive the magic with improvements and updates that adapt to today’s gaming landscape.

Fan Reactions and Anticipated Titles:

The announcement of the Picross developer’s initiative has sparked immense excitement among gaming communities worldwide. Fan forums have buzzed with discussions about potential titles that could find a new home on the Switch—many highly acclaimed and deeply adored 3DS titles lost in the annals of gaming history. From cult classics like “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” to puzzle-platformers such as “Pushmo,” speculation is rife about which games will see the light of day once again.


The Picross developer’s decision to port lost 3DS games to the Switch is an exhilarating endeavor that goes beyond game development. It serves as a poignant reminder that gaming is as much about preserving our shared histories as it is about the latest and greatest releases. By bringing back these beloved classics, the industry pays homage to its past while offering a bridge to new generations who may have missed out on previous console gems. With the skilled hands of a passionate developer, cherished memories can continue to live on, ensuring that the joy of these forgotten 3DS games remains eternally preserved.

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