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Criterion, the Studio behind Burnout, Joins Forces with EA for Revolutionary Battlefield Revamp

Criterion The Studio Behind Burnout Joins Forces With Ea For Revolutionary Battlefield Revamp
Criterion, The Studio Behind Burnout, Joins Forces With Ea For Revolutionary Battlefield Revamp 2

Electronic Arts (EA) has recently announced that they have tapped the renowned game studio Criterion, known for their hit franchise “Burnout,” to work on the next installment of the popular first-person shooter game, Battlefield. This collaboration comes as part of EA’s plan to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the Battlefield franchise, promising a “new era” for the game.

Criterion is no stranger to the gaming industry, with their Burnout series gaining a cult following for its exhilarating gameplay and highly realistic car crash physics. This expertise in creating high-octane, adrenaline-pumping experiences makes them an ideal candidate to inject new life into the already successful Battlefield franchise.

The decision to collaborate with Criterion comes after EA’s own game studio, DICE, faced criticism regarding the latest release in the Battlefield series, Battlefield V. Although the game was generally well-received critically, it struggled to meet some players’ expectations in terms of gameplay and overall experience. The inclusion of Criterion is seen as an effort to leverage their expertise in creating exhilarating games to revitalize the Battlefield franchise.

While EA has not disclosed specific details about what the “new era” of Battlefield will entail, fans are eagerly anticipating improved gameplay mechanics, enhanced graphics, and more engaging and immersive storytelling. Additionally, many hope that Criterion’s involvement will result in improvements to the game’s driving and vehicle mechanics, an area where Battlefield titles have sometimes fallen short in the past.

The partnership between Criterion and DICE is expected to be a fruitful collaboration, combining the technical prowess of DICE’s Frostbite engine with Criterion’s skill in creating fast-paced, adrenaline-filled experiences. Fans can expect the new Battlefield game to deliver high-quality graphics, intense action, and a fresh take on the iconic multiplayer modes that have become a staple of the franchise.

Critics argue that EA’s decision to bring in Criterion is a smart move, as the studio’s Burnout games were renowned for their innovation, exciting gameplay, and attention to detail. By marrying Criterion’s strengths with the well-established Battlefield formula, gamers can look forward to an experience that is both familiar and exhilaratingly different.

Battlefield has a dedicated fanbase, and EA’s commitment to bringing in additional talent underlines their determination to meet the expectations of their players. This move signals EA’s focus on delivering an outstanding Battlefield experience that sets the bar for first-person shooters in the gaming industry.

As the collaboration between Criterion and DICE progresses, fans can anticipate more updates and insights into this “new era” of Battlefield. Whether it be groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, enhanced visuals, or a reimagined multiplayer experience, the future of Battlefield seems promising, thanks to the involvement of the talented minds at Criterion. Only time will tell how this collaboration will shape the beloved franchise, but one thing is certain – a new era of Battlefield is on the horizon, and the excitement among fans is building.

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