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Apple allows game streaming services on its App Store

Apple Allows Game Streaming Services On Its App Store
Apple Allows Game Streaming Services On Its App Store 2

Apple opens App Store to game streaming services, marking a significant shift in its policies and potentially reshaping the mobile gaming landscape.

In a major announcement, Apple has changed its App Store guidelines to allow game streaming services, a move that has been highly anticipated by both developers and gamers. This decision comes after years of criticism and legal battles over the company’s strict rules regarding app store submissions and in-app purchases.

This change is particularly significant for the gaming industry, as it will now allow popular game streaming services like Microsoft’s xCloud, Google’s Stadia, and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now to offer their catalog of games to iOS users through their respective apps. Previously, these services were not allowed on the App Store as they violated Apple’s guidelines that required each game to be individually submitted and approved.

The update to Apple’s guidelines now allows for a different approach, where these services can offer a “catalog app” that acts as a hub for accessing and playing games, similar to how the Netflix app operates for streaming movies and TV shows. This means that each game will not need individual review and approval, making it easier for game streaming services to bring their offerings to iOS users.

This move is a significant win for both game streaming services and gamers, as it opens up access to a vast library of games that were previously off-limits on iOS devices. It also allows for more competition and consumer choice, as users can now access a wider range of gaming content outside of Apple’s own gaming offerings.

However, there are still some limitations to consider, as Apple has stated that each game offered through these streaming services must also be available as a standalone app on the App Store. This requirement could pose a challenge for some game developers, as it would require them to submit each game individually for approval, potentially creating a bottleneck for getting their games onto the platform.

Overall, this move by Apple marks a significant shift in its approach to game streaming services and the mobile gaming landscape. It will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for developers and provide more options for gamers on iOS devices. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, this decision may serve as a catalyst for further changes in how games are accessed and played on mobile devices. Only time will tell how this new policy will impact the gaming ecosystem and the experiences of iOS users.

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