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Your garage door opener just got smarter — these are our top 5 picks

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The front door is how we invite people into our lives. We welcome guests, accept packages, and turn down solicitors. But, for many of us, the garage door is a much more regularly used entryway into our homes when we bring in gardening tools, more packages, groceries, and more. 

While front doors have smart doorbells, like an Echo or Ring, why not get a smart garage door opener for an entrance that’s used just as much? 

Garage door openers used to be a pretty basic set-up. They raised or lowered the garage door with the press of a button. Now, smart garage door openers take things to a whole new level. Instead of constantly worrying about losing your garage door opener, smart garage door openers use your smartphone as the button. Installing a great smart garage door opener is an inexpensive way to make your garage easier and safer to use.

If you’ve ever arrived home after a long day of work only to discover you left the garage door open all day, then you should look into a smart garage door opener. Smart upgrades to your garage are useful and practical, considering how often the garage door is our main entrance into our houses. Easily let in people (like kids coming home from school) and create a secure dropoff location for packages, so no more porch pirates. Keep your home and deliveries safe from anywhere with the touch of a button.

So, what is a smart garage door opener?

There are four types of garage door openers. First, you got the manual where you pull a string or chain to bring down and pull up the garage door. This old-school option will be super reliable, it can be annoying to continuously get out of the car and bring up the garage door.

Then you have the physical button that is in the garage and right outside. There’s also a garage door remote that you can leave in your car so you won’t have to get out to open the door.

Finally, a smart garage door opener connects to your existing garage door, and then links to your Wi-Fi network so you can open and close it from anywhere. And, you can link it to other smart home devices. For example, if you open your garage door at night, you can set your smart lights to turn on with it.

What should you look for in a smart garage door opener?

When considering whether a smart garage door opener is right for you, consider the following features:

  • Security: Will it work with the safety features in your garage door opener? Can it be hacked? 

  • Connection: Can you use it from your phone? Do you have to be connected to the home Wi-Fi to use it?

  • Integration: Can you integrate it with your smart home tools?

  • Power outage: Will it still work in a power outage?

  • Setup: Is it easy to set up? Will it work with a garage door already installed?

What are the best smart garage door openers?

Ready to invest in a smart garage door opener that’ll survive the next unexpected power outage? We’ve rounded up some of the best-rated smart garage door openers on the market that’ll ensure security for you, your car, and your home.



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