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You can get a refurbished iPad Pro for only $265 this week

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TL;DR: As of May 19, you can get a refurbished WiFi-Only Apple iPad Pro with 128GB of storage for 17% off, as it’s on sale for $264.99, down from $321 refurbished (and down from an original price of $749).

If you’re like me and always wanted an iPad, but could never justify spending that kind of money on yet another device for your arsenal, here’s a solution: Buying refurbished. A refurbished iPad will cost you just a fraction of the cost of a brand-new one and still give you the satisfaction of portable touch-screen bliss.

A refurbished 9.7-inch iPad Pro from 2016, for example, is on sale for only $264.99. Considering it originally retailed for $749 fresh off the shelf, that’s an insanely good deal. You’ll end up saving about 65%. 

While it is about six years old, it’s still very much a reliable and powerful device. And it’s not obsolete, yet, so you can still get hardware service from Apple for at least another year or so.

This particular iPad Pro comes equipped with 2GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, an Apple A9X processor, and a fully-laminated 9.7-inch LED-backlit 2048×1536 display. There’s a 1.2MP front-facing camera and a 12MP rear camera, which won’t be anything particularly jaw-dropping, but should get the job done OK for FaceTime calls or snapping clips and pics on the go.

As a WiFi-only model, you can only browse the web and stream videos if you have an internet connection (no data). It’s not really a big deal, though, because you can always make your phone a hotspot and use it for browsing when you’re in a bind. Plus, you don’t have to pay for monthly data on an extra device, which is always a win.

It’s certainly not the latest and greatest model on the market today, but who cares? It’s still an iPad Pro. And you’ll only pay $264.99 for it.

Prices subject to change.



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