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Want to dip your toes into cloud gaming? The Logitech G Cloud is $50 off

Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld

SAVE $50: As of Jan. 27, the Logitech G Cloud is on sale for $299.99 at Amazon, or $50 off the original price. If you want to test out the world of cloud gaming, this isn’t a bad place to start.

While cloud gaming has a long way to go to become most people’s go-to method of play, it still shows a lot of promise, and it’s a fun world to mess around in for those who like to consider themselves early adopters of new tech. Who could resist the temptation of being able to play your favorite console games on a handheld device? Certainly not us.

And if you’re one of those early adopters, you may want to check out the Logitech G Cloud — it’s $50 off at Amazon for a limited time, and is one of the newer cloud gaming devices on the market (it first released in October of 2022).

The G Cloud features a hefty seven-inch 1080p touchscreen that’s comparable to the original Nintendo Switch model, and packs in a 12-hour battery life that’ll easily get you through multiple prolonged gaming sessions. The device is also integrated with Xbox Cloud Gaming services, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and the Google Play Store, so you should have no shortage of titles to sink your teeth into (the PlayStation Remote Play app works here, too). As long as you’re able to connect to WiFi, you should be able to conveniently stream your favorite games right from your console at your leisure.

The only thing you should be aware of before picking one up for yourself, though, is that the Logitech G Cloud doesn’t offer 5G support (not yet, at least). That means that to use any cloud streaming services, you’ll need to be connected to WiFi, or else no dice. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, you may want to consider something like a Backbone instead, as it’ll connect directly to your data-enabled mobile device. But if relying on WiFi doesn’t bother you, the Logitech G Cloud is a worthwhile way to stream games from the comfort of your couch or local coffee shop (that offers free internet).

Join the cloud gaming movement — pick up a Logitech G Cloud at Amazon and save $50 for a limited time.



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