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Vertical monitor is great if you want to just scroll through Twitter all day

Nojima monitor

Tired of social media sites taking up your precious screen real estate? Japan’s Elsonic (a sub-brand of Nojima) has got you covered.

The Elsonic EK-MD088 (via Gizmodo) is a small vertical display that seems tailor-made for endless scrolling through a Twitter or Facebook feed — and nothing else.

Measuring just 8.8 inches diagonally, and with a 420×1920 pixels, the EK-MD088 will snugly display a social media feed — or perhaps some other long and narrow piece of content, though we struggle to think of any. It comes with a stand, a mini-HDMI port, and a USB-C port for power delivery.

Nojima Elsonic vertical monitor

Well, that’s one way to keep an eye on Twitter.
Credit: Nojima

The price for the monitor is 14,800 yen ($128), and it will be available in early February 2022, though seemingly only in Japan.

It’s one of those gadgets that seems to be built just for one purpose, though you do have to wonder whether you could spend a similar amount of money for a standard-sized monitor which can fit a lot more content. Then again, it just wouldn’t be the same thing, would it?



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