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This stacked game developer bundle is on sale for 98% off

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TL;DR: The 2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle is on sale for £22.05, saving you 98% on list price.

The best way to truly learn a new skill is to try it yourself. That’s why this Complete Game Developer Bundle takes you along for the ride with 15 hours of hands-on content that will have you building games of various types.

This 10-course bundle from Zenva Academy, one of the leading platforms in the e-learning marketplace, is built to guide you through the fundamentals of Godot, Unreal, and Unity. Zenva Academy offers world-class training on the most in-demand tech skills — game development being just one of many. But rather than boring lectures, the instructors walk you through the entire game-building process, giving you the ability to learn by doing.

You’ll learn to build a mobile road crossing game, micro-strategy game, 2D idle clicker game, a strategy game, a 2D RPG game, a survival game, and a 3D action RPG game across 15 hours. Along the way, you’ll pick up new skills like understanding Godot game engine’s personal scripting language, navigating Unity’s UI system, altering and applying popular mechanics to work for mobile, manipulating objects in 3D space and for scripting various FPS mechanics, and so much more.

If you work through every course and project, you’ll even have a portfolio of games you built to show off your new skills. Whether you want to embark on a game development career, use your new portfolio as reference for building future games, or just want to brag to your other gamer friends, it’s definitely nice to have something to show for your hard work.

The 10-course Complete Game Developer Bundle is valued at £1,520. But for a limited time, you can sign up for this hands-on training for only £22.05.

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Credit: ZENVA

2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle

£22.05 at the Mashable Shop



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