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This Samsung Chromebook is on sale for just $2 above its Black Friday price

Silver chromebook half-open

SAVE $70: As of Dec. 27, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 with 64GB eMMC and 4GB RAM is $179.99, aka 28% off its regular price of $249.99. If you’re looking for an all-in-one laptop for under $200, this is a great option.

Circumvent the age-old Windows vs. Mac debate and consider a Chromebook for affordable, efficient computing. Whether you are (or the lucky person you’re shopping for is) a student or a working professional needing to travel frequently, Chromebooks will more than likely come in handy.

Weighing in at under 3 pounds, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 won’t weigh you down. It’s got a 11.6″ HD LED display, so if you need a device for professional video editing, it probably isn’t for you, but if all you need is to stream Youtube videos in 1080p, it’ll do just fine. The Samsung Chromebook 4 also includes all the trappings of your average Chromebook, including Google Assistant (“Hey, Google” might be a little less meme-able than “Hey, Siri” or “Alexa, play Despacito,” but it works just the same) and the Google Suite (#googledrivesupremacy).

Portability is just one of the things that makes the Galaxy Chromebook 4 perfect for traveling — it’s also got a battery life of 12.5 hours and built-in virus protection to fend off pesky malware. Best of all, it’s practically bulletproof in durability. It boasts “eight military-grade standards including: transit drop, vibration, high temperature, temperature shocks, freezing, dust, humidity, low pressure,” so if you accidentally knock it off the table, it’s not the end of the world. It will brave subzero temperatures with you, survive a bit of condensation, and no worries even if you happen to… vibrate it. Somehow.

Basically, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 is a tablet on steroids, for less than half the price of the cheapest current iPads. Plus, it’s got the laptop keyboard and trackpad; no need to poke painstakingly at links too small for your fingertips. The 64GB eMMC, 4GB RAM model is currently on sale at Amazon for $179.99.

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