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This chessboard connects to the internet for modern interactive game play

White knight chess piece facing black knight chess piece on darkened chessboard

TL;DR: Square Off Pro, the World’s First Rollable Tournament e-Chessboard, is on sale as of March 12 for $225, so you’re saving 9% on the original price of $249.

Perhaps the most popular abstract strategy game of all time, chess (in the iteration we know today) has a storied history dating back to at least the 16th century. The pieces weren’t standardized until the 19th century, then came clocks and tournaments. Like everything else, the game has evolved with the times — which means it’s been digitized.

Playing chess strictly online, however, takes away from the overall feeling and fervor of the game. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, Square Off Pro has come up with a chessboard that combines the old world with the new. And right now, it’s on sale for $225 — that’s $24 in savings.

Unroll the light, portable Square Off Pro chessboard to play anyone, anywhere. You can play folks face-to-face like a classic game of chess. You can play solo, against an adaptive AI, with 20 difficulty levels and a guided coach. Or you can connect with over 50 million players around the world via and Lichess for interactive online game play. Challenge your opponent via video call and play directly on your board. Feeling the pieces in your hand, rather than moving your mouse or dragging your finger across a touch screen, feels more authentic to the game.

If you’re new to chess or you need some pointers, the personal interactive coach, Viktor, will guide you through your moves and warn you of errors. Viktor will light up moves on the board to help you learn, analyze, and improve your game in real time.

See it in action:

When you finish a game, simply roll up the chessboard and be on your way.

Regularly $249, you can get the modernized Square Off Pro on sale for just $225 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Black and white chessboard with glasses next to it

Credit: InfinVention Technologies



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