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These self-balancing e-skates from ‘Shark Tank’ are $150 off

Feet on separate boards with wheels and blue lights

TL;DR: As of May 17, the Zuum Self-Balancing E-Skates are on sale for 30% off, so you can get them for $350 instead of $500.

A mix between old-school skates and new-school hoverboards, the Zuum Shoes definitely sparked interest during their appearance on Shark Tank. Shark Robert Herjavec even gave them a whirl himself. Despite not securing the funding they were looking for, the creators behind these self-balancing e-skates did manage to secure over $24,000 on Kickstarter and another $25,000 on IndieGoGo a few months later to get the product out into the world. And the rest is history.

Regularly $500 a pair, you can now get the Zuum Shoes on sale for just $350 for a limited time. That’s 30% in savings.

Made for both kids and adults, the Zuum Shoes allow you to skate around for up to an hour and a half on one charge. That should get you about three to five miles, depending on your weight, speed, slope, and terrain. The self-balancing design makes them easy and safe to ride for all ages — and helps you have more control. Just lean forward and you’ll move forward. Lean backwards and you’ll go backwards. Stopping, as Herjavec so gracefully demonstrated, is a bit more complicated and has a slight learning curve. But so do actual skates, right?

The Zuum Shoes are built with puncture-proof tires, so you can seamlessly stroll over concrete, wood floors, gravel, and more. They’re also waterproof, so don’t worry about zooming through a puddle.

There are no speed controls on the shoes themselves. Basically, the more you lean forward or backward, the faster they will go. They can reach speeds up to 8 mph and can handle up to 10 degree slopes. 

If you want a pair, now’s the time to bite. You can save $150 for a limited time and get yourself some Zuum Shoes for only $350.

Prices subject to change.

Black and blue e-skates

Credit: ZUUM Technologies



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