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The small but mighty Mac mini with M1 chip is back at its lowest price ever

Mac mini M1 2020 desktop in front of Apple monitors with colorful images on display

Save $129.01: It’s time to find out what all the fuss is about with Apple’s proprietary chip. The Mac mini M1 (256GB) returns to its all-time low price of $569.99 as of May 11 thanks to an 18% price cut from its regular retail price.

While laptops are now pretty powerful, they still won’t always replace a devoted desktop. They still provide enough computing power to tackle the hardest tasks without breaking a sweat. And if you want a desktop that offers performance in a small footprint, few systems can rival Apple’s Mac mini.

If you’re ready to experience the full abilities of macOS, then buy Apple’s Mac mini M1 (256GB) that’s now at its best price ever of $569.99. You have to add the Mac mini to your cart and complete checkout to receive the extra $99.01 discount. You’ll save a grand total of $129.01 off of the original retail price of $699. We have seen this price before but there’s no telling how long this current price will hold or how long it will remain in stock.

What makes this Mac mini special is the use of the M1 chip that replaces the previous reliance on Intel chips. The Apple-designed processor is meant to provide faster CPU performance along with faster graphics processing and even faster machine learning capabilities. That means the Mac mini learns how you use it so it can improve performance and accuracy.

Along with the processor, the Mac mini includes 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage on a solid-state drive. This combines for a machine that can keep up with work, gaming, and creative projects such as photo editing. And that’s all inside of a 7.7-inch design that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a massive PC tower taking up valuable desk real estate. You’ll also have enough connections for other displays and devices with its two Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, HDMI 2.0, WiFi 6, and Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Unlock some extra potential after you invest in the Mac mini M1 for just $569.99.

Mac mini M1 2020 by Apple with 256GB storage

Credit: Apple

Apple Mac mini M1 (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)

$569.99 at Amazon (save $129.01

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