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The Kindle is on sale for just $55, so you have even less of an excuse for not reading more

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SAVE 39%: As part of Amazon’s Mother’s Day sale, the Kindle is on sale for just $54.99. It usually costs $89.99, so that’s a discount of 39%. (Plus, buy 2 and save $20 off your total with the promo code 2PACK.) Other Amazon devices including Echo Shows/Dots and Fire TVs/Sticks are on sale as well, for up to 60% off.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Amazon is acting early with up to 60% off Amazon devices from home security kits to smart TVs and tablets. Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted an e-reader or a smart home device, now’s the time to act.

One of the best discounts in an impressive lineup is 39% off the Kindle. The definitive e-reader on the market, the Kindle and the millions of books in its Kindle Store make reading incredibly easy. Without the need to lug around stacks of books (or just the one, if you’re a unicorn who can manage to read just one book at a time and actually stick with it to the end), there’s really no excuse to keep growing your to-read list without making a dent in it at the other end.

Released in 2019, this 10th-generation Kindle has a front light (easier on the eyes than the back-lit phones, laptops, and tablets you’re probably used to) that’s adjustable, for when you just can’t put a book down even in the wee hours of the morning and your partner complains about the light in bed. The smallest of the Kindles, this version is super lightweight and slim, fitting into most bags without an issue. It’s got 8GB of storage — a typical book with just text is around 1MB, with some picture books etc. being a little larger, so it should hold thousands of books easily.

The Kindle comes in two colors and makes for a perfect gift. Rather than having to guess at what book to get someone based on their personality and what you know of their reading habits (and getting it wrong anyways — who knew your stoic dad would exclusively read Nicholas Sparks? No? Just mine? Ok.), a Kindle is a great catch-all that allows them to pick their own reads.

Check it out now at Amazon for just $54.99, with one-day shipping available in case you want to get it for Mother’s Day. Plus, buy 2 and save $20 off your total with the promo code 2PACK. That’s a Kindle for Mom and you both, at less than $100.

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