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The early Black Friday deals keep coming — we spotted a $99 Chromebook in the wild

Lenovo Chromebook S330

Save $140: As of Oct. 25, the 14-inch Lenovo Chromebook S330 is only $99 at Walmart. The near 60% discount is part of Walmart’s early Black Friday deals event.

The “Chromebooks starting at $99” doorbusters that Black Friday ads have been teasing are apparently popping off before November even starts.

Walmart just slashed the Lenovo Chromebook SS30 from $239 to $99. We’ve seen a lot of cheap Chromebooks on sale already this pre-Black Friday season, but this one wins.

Once you’ve kept expectations for a $100-something Chromebook in check, the S330 will prove quite punchy. The MediaTek quad-core processor isn’t one used in most regular laptops, but does power many Android tablets.

Chrome doesn’t ask for much battery life to perform your everyday tasks, like shopping or completing an assignment in Google Sheets. You’re set for eight hours of work or browsing before the S330 needs to charge.

This laptop is super lightweight but feels sturdy, like you wouldn’t be completely screwed if your laptop got bumped off a desk. (Lenovo Chromebooks in general fare decently well in drop tests.) The S330’s lack of 360-degree hinges might help its shock absorbency more, too.

It can’t flip to tent or tablet mode, but it does feature a 180-degree hinge that can flex to the most comfortable viewing angle. Whatever you’re viewing on that large 14-inch screen will be crisp enough for casual use, even if it’s not in full HD.

Lenovo Chromebook S330

Credit: Lenovo

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