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The brand new iPad Air is back at its lowest price ever

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SAVE $40: Just a couple of months after its launch, Apple’s iPad Air is on sale at Amazon. You can snag it for $559 instead of $599, which amounts to a discount of 7%.

Unless you’re a student or a member of the military, you likely rarely see discounts on Apple products. Luckily, Amazon’s got you covered. It’s often got refurbished and new products alike for less, but rarely does it slash the price of a newly launched product.

That’s why this markdown on the iPad Air, just two months after its launch, is pretty rare. It comes after a brief fall to the same sale price at the start of the month, too. The discounted price of $559 is only applicable to the 64GB WiFi-only model in Pink and Purple (the Purple model was previously slightly more discounted, at $549, but this is the cheapest the Pink has ever been), but colors hardly matter when you’re probably going to want to protect your tech with a case anyways (don’t ask me what the color of my iPhone is… I barely remember anymore). Plus, 64GB is acceptable depending on usage, particularly with iCloud storage.

The iPad itself is one of our Mashable Choice picks for good reason: It’s a great introductory and all-round tablet, suitable for work, study, or creative pursuits. As an iPad with the most relevant and powerful features of Apple’s more advanced tablets but at a less steep, price, the 2022 iPad Air is what Mashable Senior Editor Stan Schroeder deems, upon review, “the iPad most people should buy.”

With its efficient M1 chip, impressive display, HD camera, and incredible versatility, the only thing the iPad Air really lacks is a shortcoming. If you don’t mind not having too much storage and/or are planning on using the tablet for travel, this deal is a great opportunity to hop on. Check out the iPad Air on Amazon for $559.

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