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The best Xbox controller out there is on sale — get one while it lasts

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

SAVE $10: As of March 3, the best Xbox controller on the market is $10 off the original price — snag an Xbox Elite Series 2 for $169.99 at the Microsoft Store.

Having a solid controller is an integral piece to your gaming setup, and if you want to upgrade from the one you get by default with whatever console you buy, we recommend going the route of a pro-style controller. These controllers have a bunch of extra features that’ll enhance your gaming experience, sometimes including back paddles, key mapping alternatives, adjustable triggers, and more.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is one of those controllers, and it’s perhaps the best one you can get on the market. It’s also at a small discount as we speak — save $10 when you pick one up at the Microsoft Store for a limited time.

The Elite Series 2 nails the premium feel that you want in a pro-style controller (as it should at this price). It’s got a wrap-around rubberized grip to keep it secure in your hands while you play, and has a weight to it that feels balanced and high-quality. The true selling point, though, is the controller’s many customization options — you’ll get adjustable-tension thumbsticks and hair-trigger lock modes, as well as multiple sticks, d-pads, and back paddles that you can swap out on the fly.

It doesn’t get much better, so if you have an Xbox and are in the market for a new controller, we’d say just go ahead and buy this one while you can save a few bucks. Pick up an Elite Series 2 at the Microsoft Store and save $10.



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