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The 85-inch version of Sony’s cheapest 4K TV with full-array LED has dropped under $2,000

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Save $800: As of March 1, the 85-inch Sony X91J 4K TV is 29% off at Best Buy, dropping it under $2,000. You’ll get three months of Apple TV+ with your purchase (a $14.97 value).

“Mid-range” typically doesn’t mean the same thing for Sony as it does for Samsung or LG. Its middle ground LED TVs are priced similarly to QLED and OLED TVs of the same size from competing brands.

If you’re curious about why the experience is so luxurious, a massive deal from Best Buy is your chance to put the 85-inch version of Sony’s X91J TV in your home for less than $2,000. The $800 discount brings the TV to $1,999.99 — just $200 more than the 85-inch X85J.

Opting for the X91J over the X85J (the most affordable TV in Sony’s 2021 lineup) secures full-array local dimming. This squeezes a stretch of individual LEDs behind every point of the LCD panel which light up their assigned zone on the screen. This method of local dimming adds precision, vivid color, and deeper shadows to the focal point of each scene rather than relying on LEDs around the edges like cheaper models do. It’s a must for graphics-heavy gaming and is crucial to actually appreciating HDR.

Your purchase also comes with free access to Apple TV+ for three months. Regularly $4.99/month, Apple’s streaming service isn’t expensive compared to Netflix or HBO Max, but it always seems like the one missing from most people’s arsenal. It’s full of original TV shows like Foundation, which Mashable’s Adam Rosenberg refers to as “space Game of Thrones.”

Sony TV on white background

Credit: Sony

Sony 85-inch X91J 4K TV

$1,999.99 at Best Buy (save $800)

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