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Save on an app that makes investing more approachable to newbies

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TL;DR: As of May 11, a lifetime subscription to Outprfrm Investing Advice & Stock Research is on sale for just $59. It’s valued at $2,400, so that’s a discount of 97%.

The stock market isn’t exactly welcoming to new investors. Even for the most enthusiastic newbies, jumping in can be incredibly intimidating. That’s why Outprfrm created an app to make things more approachable. And lucky for you, it can get you up to speed for only $59 for a limited time ($2,400 value).

Outprfrm is an investing advice and stock research app designed to make investing more approachable and simplify investing decisions. The app builds on the work of the most accurate financial analysts for any stock and gives you advice, so you can work with them instead of against them. It dubs itself an “independent referee” of investing advice, weeding out the noise to direct you to the best sources.

Here’s how it works: Outprfrm collects over 60,000 financial analyst predictions about the movement of a stock price (over 3,700 companies tracked), then compares the prediction to the actual movement of the stock price. Each analyst is then given a score based on their prediction accuracy and ranked against other analysts. Accuracy scores are updated twice a day to keep you in the know.

On your end, you can filter the data based on your own parameters in order to build a profile of ideal stocks to fit your custom profile. Outprfrm will make recommendations along the way. Add stocks to your portfolio and you’ll receive notifications anytime a new analyst prediction is released for one of your choices. You can also add specific analysts to your dashboard and track every time they release a new price prediction. If you want extra help choosing stocks, there’s also industry-specific recommendations, top analyst picks, top-performing stocks, and most accurate predictions listed for you to browse.

There’s no need to go at it alone. Get a lifetime subscription to Outprfrm for only $59 (reg. $2,400) for some guidance. There are no guarantees, of course, because it is the stock market after all. But Outprfrm can help make your jump into investing a bit less intimidating.

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