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Save 77% on a 3-year subscription to this slick VPN

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TL;DR: A three-year subscription to VPNCity is on sale for £63.03, saving you 77% on list price.

So, you heard your friend mention something about accessing U.S. Netflix or Japanese Prime Video and you want to get in on the action. The first step is to get a VPN (virtual private network). And this three-year subscription to VPNCity for 77% off makes that step a breeze.

VPNCity is a great option for a VPN for beginners, thanks to its user-friendly interface, simplistic navigation, and expansive network. It’s a newer VPN, but for what it lacks in brand recognition, it makes up for in features.

The network has over 3,000 servers in 42 locations around the world. That means there are 42 different locations you can login from, despite where you actually are. VPNCity also has custom apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, along with Chrome and Firefox extensions, so it works alongside whatever device and browser you’re already using. No configurations necessary. You can connect up to a dozen devices at a time as well. So you can stay anonymous on your computer, phone, gaming console, smartTV, tablet, and more. 

Besides being able to binge out-of-network content, you’ll also be able to browse more securely. Your online data will be fully encrypted with AES-256 encryption and there’s a no log policy. That means VPNCity doesn’t store any of your online activity, browser data, credit card information, IP address, or any other data.

Connecting to VPNCity is designed to be super easy. Just slide the bar on the app to the right and you’re in. Pick your network depending on your needs or just randomly login from anywhere. The options are seemingly endless.

For a limited time, you can sign up for three full years of VPNCity for only £63.03 and save 77%.

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Credit: VPNCity

VPNCity (3-Year Subscription)

£63.03 at the Mashable Shop



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