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Protect your online privacy with a lifetime VPN and NAT firewall for under $50

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TL;DR: As of May 17, you can get lifetime access to Ivacy VPN and NAT Firewall for $47.99 with the code VPN20, when it would usually cost $1,254. That’s a staggering discount of 96%.

Public WiFi, although free, poses a risk for users. While public WiFi networks have gotten safer overall, they still open you up to the risk of being hacked. The wise thing to do is connect to a VPN if you’re working with private information. If you plan on clocking in from a café anytime soon and don’t have a VPN, this lifetime deal on Ivacy VPN should do the trick (and save you money in the process).

Until May 24th, you can score a lifetime subscription to Ivacy VPN and NAT Firewall for just $47.99 with the code VPN20. That’s over 95% in savings. We featured the VPN on its own earlier this month, but this security deal also packs lifetime access to the Ivacy NAT Firewall add-on, which is a $60 value on its own. 

Ivacy VPN protects your digital footprint — whether you’re working or playing — with 256-bit encryption. You can shield your actual web presence from hackers, trackers, spyware, and government surveillance with a quick connection to over 1,000 different servers in over 100 locations across more than 50 countries. It also boasts unlimited bandwidth, a strict no-logging policy, an internet kill-switch, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. That means you can watch Australian shows and movies from your couch in New York.

Ivacy NAT Firewall takes your privacy a step further with a proactive anti-hacking solution. While a VPN basically gives you a safety shield, the NAT Firewall gives you a weapon to fight back. It blocks unrequested inbound traffic, exploits, and bad data packets while you’re connected. There’s no need for additional software downloads, as it works directly through Ivacy VPN as an add-on. Plus, it gives you extra benefits like protection from OS security leakages, load distribution, and more. With both of these lifetime subscriptions in tow, you’ll be able to work wherever you want freely without concern.

Get Ivacy VPN and NAT Firewall on sale for only $47.99 for life when you use the code VPN20 at checkout until May 24th.

Prices subject to change.

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Credit: Ivacy

Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription + NAT Firewall

$47.99 at the Mashable Shop with code VPN20



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