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PlayStation 5 consoles are getting a restock at Walmart. Here’s how to get one.

PlayStation 5 console

If you’ve been trying valiantly to score a PS5, you’ll have another shot really soon.

As if Walmart+ Weekend couldn’t get any better, the retail giant has announced that in addition to the major discounts we’ll see during the shopping event, we’ll get yet another restock of the elusive PlayStation 5. How nice! (Note that this restock will be exclusive to Walmart+ members only. You can sign up for that here.)

The PS5 restock will go live as soon as Walmart+ Weekend begins: June 2 at 3 p.m. ET. As usual, you’re going to have to be fast about it, so get those fingers primed and ready to refresh the product page as soon as the clock strikes restock time. Maybe say a little prayer, too. From there, you’ll be put into a virtual queue to wait for your turn to purchase. Do not refresh the page during this time, or you’ll lose your spot. Once it’s your turn, you’ll have 10 minutes to close the deal and ride off into the sunset with your new console.

Not to put too much pressure on you, but this may be your last chance to score a PlayStation 5 for some time. Sony projects that PS5 consoles will still be in short supply into 2023, so we suggest making it your life’s mission to get one this time around. 50th time’s the charm, right?

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