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Mother’s Day gifts under $50 that your mom actually wants

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When is Mother’s Day? 

We’re so glad you asked. Mother’s Day in the US is always the second Sunday in May, which means in 2022 it falls on May 8. 

We can all agree that moms and mother figures deserve the world. It goes without saying that mothers should always get the best — especially when it comes to gifts.

But realistically, we can’t all afford to get our mom an all-expenses paid trip to the island destination of her dreams as a Mother’s Day gift. And your mom totally understands if you can’t splurge on her. But you can still get a good gift without breaking the bank.

Consider this your ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide if you’re balling on a budget. 

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If your mom likes the latest technology, we’ll offer some perfect options you can get her without compromising quality. For the moms who obsess over home decor, we have a few suggestions that you may have never even thought about. For the mamas who love fashion, we have options for them too, and if your mom is always saying, “it’s the thought that counts,” we have some sentimental gifts she’s sure to love — plus options for every other mom in between. 

These are the best Mother’s Day gifts under $50 that will make your mom feel special:



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