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More PlayStation 5 consoles are coming to Walmart on June 2nd

We’re still seeing short or no supply of PlayStation 5 consoles in some places and going weeks between new nationwide restocks. Hopefully, this upcoming summer will prove more fruitful, and a good (though small) sign is that Walmart has a PS5 event coming up.

If you’re a Walmart Plus subscriber, you will have the chance to queue up for a standard $499 disc drive-equipped PlayStation 5 on June 2nd at 3PM ET. This is yet another restock that’s exclusive to paying Walmart Plus members, though, since we have plenty of advance notice, you have plenty of time to pay the minimum $12.95 for one month of membership ahead of the drop. Yes, you get other perks from Walmart, like free deliveries, but we’re ultimately just paying to play the restock game. Though, remember that you can always cancel the subscription once you land your shiny new console.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s flagship next-gen console, which includes a disc drive, allows you to play both digital and physical games for the PS4 and PS5.

As for landing the console when the day comes, you have to be ready to refresh the page right as the clock strikes 3PM ET / 12PM PT. Feel free to try it on a desktop browser and the Walmart app on your phone simultaneously, and use a site like to keep the closest eye on the accurate time.

You’ll be brought into a queue, and just be ready to hang tight. Remain patient and don’t abandon your spot in line until the restock event concludes, especially since Walmart often loads inventory on its site in waves. Once your turn comes around, you have 10 minutes to check out with a PS5. Since you need to be a Walmart Plus subscriber, your billing and shipping info should already be good to go.

We’ll update this post on the day of the Walmart restock and will be continuing to track more console purchasing opportunities. Be sure to follow @VergeDeals on Twitter.

Recommended PS5 games and accessories

Paying for Walmart Plus just to buy a console may kind of suck, but at least you don’t get stuck with a bundle. Here are some of our ongoing recommendations to outfit your new PlayStation 5 with both games and hardware.



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