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Linktree steps into Web3 with new NFT features

Two phone screens displaying NFT features in the Linktree format.

For creators and businesses, Linktree has made it easy to condense and displays all relevant links in just one spot. You’ve likely seen these links across Instagram and Twitter profiles. Now, the company has announced a new set of NFT features for creators within the Web3 space, allowing creators to showcase digital collectibles.

The new features are born from a collaboration with OpenSea, the most widely-known (and seemingly largest) NFT marketplace.

Linktree’s Web3 features will include an NFT gallery link, where creators can add the URL of an OpenSea collection for others to preview, with the option of connecting MetaMask wallets.

Additionally, similar to Twitter’s NFT features released back in January, Linktree will allow creators to show off their NFTs as display pictures or backgrounds on their Linktree profiles. NFTs that are verified will be displayed in a hexagonal frame on the profile picture or will be indicated on the background with a badge at the bottom of the screen.

An illustration of Linktree's NFT features pictured on a phone, displaying how an NFT would be verified.

Credit: Linktree.

Creators will also be able to lock their links with the help of a smart contact address. These can only be viewed by visitors with particular collections, who connect their wallets and subsequently prove ownership. This move will apparently enable “more efficient distribution of benefits”, according to Alex Zaccaria, CEO and Co-Founder of Linktree, who spoke to Mashable about the collaboration.

Zaccaria said the Linktree x OpenSea collaboration is “an important first step for Linktree to serve creators in a meaningful way.” He added that there has been an increasing demand for creators to “tap into Web3.”

“Our mission at Linktree is to empower the creator community by providing new ways for users to monetise their content and work, whilst simultaneously strengthening their digital presence and growing their community. Web3 is a fast-emerging space that we are seeing creators increasingly engage with,” Zaccaria said. “These new features will allow creators to showcase, add utility to NFT ownership, and build a community around their NFTs.”

Like Twitter, Linktree is aiming to provide a more seamless way for creators to showcase their NFTs, displaying their digital assets in one, accessible spot. Zaccaria said that the new features are shaped around empowering creators and facilitating their ownership.

“Web3 promises to benefit creators by creating a system of digital scarcity based on ownership, which stands starkly opposed to the infinitely replicable nature of media currently on the Internet,” he told Mashable.

In a statement, Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea, said, “We know many NFT creators and collectors already use Linktree to link to their collections on OpenSea, and we’re excited that the Linktree integration makes NFT displays that much more seamless and engaging.”

“Linktree’s new NFT features are taking the link-in-bio space to the next level,” Zaccaria said, “by bridging the gap between the link-in-bio and Web3 spaces, adding value to creators by building on the core functionality and appeal of NFTs.”



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