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‘Kingdom Hearts IV’ announcement trailer brings Sora into a more realistic world

Kingdom Hearts IV

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts IV, the next installment in its popular collaboration with Disney that famously features Mickey Mouse and Sephiroth squaring off. Travel between worlds isn’t uncommon in this video game series, but the new Kingdom Hearts IV trailer indicates Sora will soon be swinging his Keyblade somewhere completely new — and it looks a lot like our world.

Kingdom Hearts IV was announced as Square Enix celebrated the franchise’s 20th anniversary over the weekend, putting on a show in Tokyo to mark two decades since Kingdom Hearts was released on the PlayStation 2. The evening involved various announcements, such as new mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, set in the world of Scala ad Caelum and scheduled for a closed beta test later this year.

However, the biggest reveal was the announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts VI, which gives Sora a striking new look and places him in a brand new world. Called Quadratum, this new world is modeled after real cities rather than imaginary lands or Disney properties, providing the unexpected visual of Kingdom Hearts‘ protagonist grappling onto realistic looking cars with his Keyblade.

Goofy and Donald Duck are also returning, though it’s unclear if they’ll eventually make it to Quadratum as well.

Kingdom Hearts VI will launch the series’ new “Lost Master Arc,” after the “Dark Seeker Saga” concluded in Kingdom Hearts III. No release date has been announced yet.



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