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Hey streamers: Get a $50 Ubisoft discount code when you buy the Blue Yeti mic on sale

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TL;DR: Best Buy will give you a free $50 Ubisoft discount code when you buy the Blue Yeti USB microphone for $114.99 (typically $129.99) as part of a May 10 Deal of the Day.

Interested in showing off your gaming finesse on Twitch or YouTube? Best Buy has a May 10 Deal of the Day that’s basically a starter pack for livestreamers.

Now through midnight tonight, you’ll get a $50 Ubisoft discount code for free when you buy the Blue Yeti USB microphone on sale for $114.99. (It usually retails for $129.99; ignore the site’s inflated list price.) That code is redeemable in the online Ubisoft Store for any purchase of $59.99 and up, so whether you want some rare skins or something entirely new to play — the latest “Assassin’s Creed” DLC, perhaps? — you’re set up for some memorable first streams.

For its part, the Blue Yeti is a fantastic Logitech-made mic that’s been popular among streamers and podcasters for years now. If the 28,000 five-star reviews on Amazon aren’t enough to win you over, it also comes highly recommended from Mashable reporter Matt Binder as a solid pick for anyone new to the streaming scene.

“It’s larger in size than its competitors, but it also comes with a quite sturdy built-in mic stand so everything you need to plug-and-play is right in the box and with no extra costs,” Binder writes. “In addition, the Blue Yeti mic has a few different polar patterns that can pick up audio from someone sitting across from you, making it perfect for someone who has a co-host or books a lot of guests. It also has that studio microphone appearance so it looks good on camera, too.”

Setting up the Blue Yeti is as simple as plugging it into your PC or laptop so you can go live whenever the mood strikes you.

Note that Walmart had the same Blue Yeti/Ubisoft code bundle in stock at the time of writing, but it was listed for about $5 more than Best Buy’s price.

a blue yeti microphone next to a collage of ubisoft video game screenshots

Credit: Blue / Ubisoft

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

$114.99 at Best Buy (save $15) + free $50 Ubisoft discount code

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