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Got a new PC? This 3-piece kit can help you securely transfer your files over.

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TL;DR: This PC Transfer Kit Bundle with PCmover Professional, DiskImage, and SafeErase is on sale for just $34.99 as of May 10. It’s usually $129, so that’s savings of 73%.

Transferring your old information to a new device is always easier said than done. Unless, of course, you have some handy utility apps that make upgrading a more seamless — and dare we say, enjoyable? — process.

Don’t avoid upgrading because you dread losing your old files. Pick up this three-part PC Transfer Kit on sale for a limited time and transfer your information from one PC to another without going to in-store tech support. In the process, you can also erase all the data on your old device (if you want to) so you can dispose of it or sell it without worrying about anyone accessing your private stuff.

The three-part kit includes a non-expiring license to PCmover Professional, DiskImage, and SafeErase. PCmover Professional is what you’ll use to transfer everything from one PC to another — including your applications, files, settings, and even user profiles. It’s pretty straightforward to use; just install it on your old and new computer, follow the setup procedure, and select everything you want to transfer to your new device. You can basically set it and forget it until it’s done. Need help? You’ll get free transfer assistance from a PC migration expert 24/7.

You’ll also get access to DiskImage, which helps you protect your old files in the event of a crash. It creates a perfect copy of all of your applications, files, and settings, so if anything is lost or damaged, you can quickly recover your stuff. It’s basically a security blanket you only pull out when needed.

And finally, SafeErase can help you permanently delete personal information from your computer. It uses a series of government recommended deletion methods to completely wipe out your personal data from your hard drive so that it’s unrecoverable. You can use it daily on ordinary data deletions or wipe an entire PC clean before selling it. From email archives to internet search history to financial information, you can be sure nobody will recover any old data floating around.

Make migrating to a new computer a breeze with the Laplink PC Transfer Kit on sale for only $34.99. It’s usually $129, so that’s 73% in savings.

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