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Google TV’s individual profiles are arriving after being delayed for a few months

After being delayed for months, Google is finally rolling out its personalized profiles for Google TV “over the next few weeks.”

Announced in October, Google TV profiles will make it simpler for multi-watcher households to navigate content by giving people access to individualized recommendations, watchlists, and Google Assistant responses.

Google has been expanding Google TV to make it less of a single-storefront experience for household members who prefer different content. Just last year, Google TV launched kids profiles, where parents can pick which apps are available and set watch time limits. Earlier this month, the team began rolling out an ambient mode screensaver with personalized cards that will show things like weather, sports scores, and podcast links.

Image: Google

Installed apps are ready for streaming across every profile — except for kids’ profiles, of course — and login details are saved for households that share accounts across streaming services.

The profiles will be available with an update “over the next few weeks,” Google says. After your device is updated, you can set up your profile according to these steps.

From the Google TV home screen, at the top right, scroll to your profile picture or initial.

Select your name + Add account.

Select Add an account.

Sign in to the Google Account you want to add.

Follow the prompts to complete the profile setup.

Select the streaming services you want to use with this profile.



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