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Get a Toshiba 75-inch 4K TV for less than $800

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SAVE $600: The Toshiba 75-inch Class M550 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV is on sale for just $799.99 as of May 16. That’s a whole 43% off its regular price of $1,399.

If you’re on the lookout for a TV upgrade or just trying to buy one anew, you shouldn’t settle. A 55-inch TV is fine, and so is a 720p one, but to really impress, those widescreen UHD models just can’t be beat, with cinematically large displays and video quality that doesn’t pixelate your Youtube videos (because really, is streaming cooking tutorials in HD too much to ask for?). Unfortunately, they’re also usually super expensive, easily running you into the thousands of dollars.

Enter the 75-inch Toshiba M550, with its 4K LED display and hands-free capabilities. Having debuted in 2021, it features Dolby Vision HDR10+ (that’s movie-theater-level-quality for you), 480 Motion Rate (seamless transitions in action scenes — Neo’s bullet-dodging just got a whole lot smoother), and Toshiba’s Regza Engine 4K, the backbone behind display quality with its color and contrast enhancement. Have we mentioned that the whole viewing experience is hands-free as well? As a smart Fire TV, the Toshiba M550 gives you access to live, on-air, and streaming apps all on the home screen, and can be controlled with a simple “Hey, Alexa.” Link it to your smart home devices too, if you have compatible ones.

Plus, this TV features a Low Latency Game Mode, which promises console commands to be executed on screen as instantaneously as possible, with minimal lag to blame poor performance on. That’s not to mention the post-processing audio tech (DTS Virtual: X) that doesn’t just blast sound at you, but “creates an audio atmosphere.” No need to splash out on an extra soundbar or subwoofer.

With all these features, it’s understandable that the Toshiba 75-inch UHD would cost well a thousand bucks, but it’s on sale at Amazon for just $799.99. That’s a definite steal, and if you’d rather opt for a smaller, cheaper option, the 65-inch is 40% off and $599.99, and the 55-inch is just $449.99.

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Credit: Toshiba

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