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Get a portable touchscreen monitor for under $300

Person using a Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor to work.

TL;DR: The Desklab portable touchscreen monitor is just $289.99 at the Mashable Shop as of Jan. 10.

Stop using your tiny MacBook Air screen for all of your remote work. There are better options, my friend. For instance, you can get a portable touchscreen monitor from Desklab for under $300 and enjoy the power of dual screens for productivity and efficiency at home and on the go.

Whether you’re a coder, graphic designer, writer, gamer, or just stare at spreadsheets a lot throughout the day, the Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor can majorly improve your workflow. It doesn’t just give you a second 15.6-inch screen for customizing your work setup, but it gives you a versatile, 4K touchscreen, which opens up a world of possibilities — no matter what kind of work you’re doing. Imagine how much easier editing photos, cutting music, or even scrolling through tabs will be on a touchscreen.

The Desklab Monitor connects to virtually any laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or gaming console of your choosing via USB-C, HDMI, and 3.5mm auxiliary ports. And there’s no real setup required. Just plug and play — er, work.

The low flicker, low blue light, and anti-glare 1080p touchscreen features vivid colors and won’t cause the same eye strain as your laptop does. So, feel free to binge your shows or play your games on it as well. It has built-in HiFi speakers, multi-display and screen mirroring functionality, and a lightning-fast 10ms response time, so it’s fully customizable for whatever else you need it to be.

Use it horizontally or vertically, as a tablet or as a second monitor, or pretty much whatever else you have in mind. You can even connect it to your iPhone and make it easier to do work in public places. 

Upgrade your desk setup in the new year. It’s time. Get the 4K Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor on sale for just $289.99, down from $700, for a limited time. That’s a savings of 58%.

Prices subject to change.

Desklab portable touchscreen monitor on a white background.

Credit: Desklab Monitor



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