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Get 14 hours of game development training for $25

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TL;DR: The 2022 Unity Game Developer Training Bundle, worth $1,600, is on sale as of March 11 for $25, which makes it 98% off.

Video game ideas are a dime a dozen. It takes real know-how to become one of the people who actually turn those ideas into playable programs.

If you have an idea and don’t want to miss out on your chance to implement it, do yourself a favor and sign up for this Unity Game Developer Training Bundle. It’s valued at $1,600, but right now, you can sign up for just $25. With eight courses spanning 14 hours of content, that equals out to just over $3 per course. 

Each course in this eight-part bundle is geared toward a specific game style (2D or 3D) or genre (first person shooter, RPG, racing, etc.). If you’re partial to a type of game, you can kick off your training by diving into the fun stuff first. Courses are led by the professionals at Zenva Academy, a training organization that teaches in-demand programming skills for game development, machine learning, and other top industries. Over 1 million developers have trusted Zenva Academy for their tech training needs.

If you’d rather start with something more broad, you can jump into building your first mobile game in Unity. You’ll learn techniques for both setting up mobile games for both iOS and Android and dealing with touch inputs. It’s built for beginners, so you don’t need any coding knowledge to start with, but you will need access to Unity 2020.3 LTS.

From there, you can dive into 2D or 3D games in Unity, or start building your own arcade kart racing game (for belated MAR10 Day), a retro local multiplayer game, a survival game, a first person shooter game, or a role playing game.

Signing up for this $25 course collection could be the first step you need to turn your game ideas into reality. Maybe it’ll lead to you making the next Elden Ring.

Prices subject to change.

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