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‘Elden Ring’ is finally on sale

a screenshot from an 'elden ring' boss fight

SAVE $10.05: Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop had Elden Ring on sale for $49.94 as of May 4. That’s 17% off its $59.99 MSRP and its lowest price to date.

Good news, Tarnished: Elden Ring just got its first discount ever.

As of May 4, PlayStation 4 and 5 copies of FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece were listed for $49.94 at Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop. (Sorry, Team Xbox — your time hasn’t come yet.) That’s a little over $10 off their suggested retail prices of $59.99, which works out to a 17% savings apiece.

Every maidenless runt and their mother has been raving about Elden Ring ever since its release in February, which raises an important question of whether it’s actually worth the hype. The answer is a resounding “yes,” given that 96 Metacritic score and all of the Game of the Year chatter, but make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you saddle up Torrent: While friendlier to newer players than previous Souls games, it’s still a Souls game through and through.

“You are going to die many, many times throughout the course of playing Elden Ring,” Mashable tech reporter Alex Perry confirmed in his review. “A lot of those deaths will feel sudden and difficult to explain at first. That’s flatly not fun to a lot of people and I can’t blame them for that.”

The key to enjoying a brutal game like this is embracing the fact that failing (and learning from it) is an inherent part of any playthrough. That’s not everyone’s idea of fun, said Perry, but players willing to put in the time will find it to be “one of the most outstanding video game worlds in years, full of truly surprising discoveries, beautifully grotesque monster designs, and an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction when you finally kill a boss that’s given you trouble for days.”

ps5 box art for elden ring

Credit: FromSoftware

‘Elden Ring’

$49.94 on Amazon (save $10.05)

ps5 box art for elden ring next to an icon for walmart's exclusive art card deal

Credit: FromSoftWare / Walmart

‘Elden Ring’

$49.94 at Walmart (save $10.05)

ps4 box art for elden ring

Credit: FromSoftware

‘Elden Ring’

$49.94 at GameStop (save $10.05)

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