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Apple AirTags are on sale for their lowest price ever

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Save 15%: The 4-pack of Apple AirTags is at its lowest price ever at $84.55, down from $99, at both Amazon and Best Buy as of May 5. That’s four more chances not to lose track of your belongings, marked down $14.45.

Why is it impossible to find your wallet or keys only when you’re already running late? It’s a cruel phenomenon that affects us all and has few solutions. Luckily, one of the solutions is on sale today.

Attaching an AirTag to your key ring or dropping one in a wallet basically ensures that you never have that panicked thought of “I will never be able to drive my vehicle again” when your keys are nowhere in sight. And as of May 5, you can grab a four-pack of AirTags at Amazon for just $84.55 (if you’re fine with a slight shipping delay), or from Best Buy, but only if you snag them today (the sale ends tomorrow).

This 15% savings is the best price this set of AirTags have ever been available at, which becomes even better when you realize that one AirTag goes for $29. (Four AirTags at $84.55 comes out to just over $21 per tag).

Unlike other item trackers, AirTags use the extensive Find My network, which means you can be more than 400 feet away from the item and still be able to see it on the map. (I’m thinking of my younger self who did not realize my cell phone for emergencies only fell out of my pocket in the movie theater until a good hour later).

While harnessing the power of the Find My app has its perks, it also has its downfalls. There has been some concern about people using AirTags to track people instead of things (which our own reviewer discussed). However, Apple has made some more security updates as recently as February 2022 to address the concerns.

As for the less-scary drawbacks, AirTags are only compatible with iOS devices and key ring attachments cost extra.

But, if you are an iPhone user in need of some assistance when it comes to keeping track of your belongings, the range, easy connectivity, and battery life of AirTags make this deal well worth it. And if your mom tends to lose her keys every now and then too, then this pack doesn’t make a bad last-minute Mother’s Day gift — just remember to shop from Best Buy if you need it soon.

airtags surrounded by its colorful holders

Credit: Apple

4-pack of Apple AirTags

$84.55 at Amazon (save $14.45)

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